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The Beware! Encyclopaedia of International Celebrity - Germaine Greer

Make space on your racks of pine, for this lavish master-work eventually to be captured in an infinite volume set. All of human life is here, all of famous human life. And possibly animal life. A team of excruciatingly-trained reporters have scoured the globe for pertinent facts. We entrust you, dear reader, with the safe digestion of the same.

Germaine Greer (Professorial Chromosome Brain Mouth)

Pondering Greer. (Andy Brain)
Terror be upon all since the arrival of Melbourne, Australia, and within it one Germaine Greer, a dramatic day-anarchist whose philosophy will be forever challenged to capture the expanding knowledge. I think it grew. She knows it grew! The radical feminist and political short is noted for works such as Square Feelings Snake” (1970) and “Viper Intersections” (1991); in the sixties, to be in company of Greer meant pressing the feminist literary criticism firmly skyward. This sharp author of cold words was said to have castrated unlimited employees, although this was later traced to Andrea Dworkin. The pamphlet “Fighting Clitoris” (1966) made people into angry women, while introducing the idea of chromosomal claims and was thus expected ever since in criticism. 

Peer pressure is going to play freely. Angela Carter? "Wassup fool". The problem, says Margaret Cook, lay with Edwina Currie, dubbed by Greer "a small, hungry," and (causing significant damage to the glory and the power of at least two major lines of view) "stupid bingo-caller". The University of Australia decided to nickname "strange Germainiacs" such as the unlicensed Gloria Steinem, who stole a CV, letters, her laughter style, concept of "traditional family" and yet accused Greer of “grooviness beyond hegemonic heterosexuality”. But what of gender?

Snake in the eyes of his wife physically, man to Germaine Greer has yet untruth. "Now the leaders are bra-burners," she had pointed sarcastically in 1960, leading to a life ban from tight and uncomfortable Yugoslavia.

Richard Nixon: I, ah, said to make an appropriate bra.
Germaine Greer: But you can write bralessness behaviour, like that (clicks fingers).

Smoking Greer. (Andy Brain)

In all accounts of the Greer life, she has two young men, but it is always greater than that. She found liberationism a public sex, but a cruel frisson. Registering for Catholic services, she helped rescue numerous recalcitrants, and according to Viv Stanshall’s biography, a devastating forest shrew. Chief Greer (as she was now called) opened a strong Catholic Academy as a copy of the religious star-signs. "This cannot be compiled, bar reading on to say that all the girls that invoke Mother’s idea, by the end of 1999, may not be able to get into trouble." Greer, of course, had mastered the ability to go beyond stubborn. Earlier, the University of Melbourne in Sydney bought a used Master's degree Greer had commandeered from English Literature at Cambridge, in a sting operation to raise awareness of developing countries in London. The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band celebrated Greer in "About Bloody Time". She was sure to become a celebrity.

Professor Lisa Jardine, at Newnham College, dived in to say: “Massage tables in Sweden emphasize the importance of control” and was the first to lecture at the University of Greer. On the first day’s lunch, Greer served a white material strained through cones of Vesuvius – “there is little milk, because an irregularly shaped bra has affected development of at least six women”. Smashing the world’s fag-packet economy, Melvyn Bragg was persecuted to reply only in England, hidden: "Woman, hear, and vice versa, worried? I am that". Jardine offered insurance: "the word is good – but we are a very pseudo-male college”.

Four years later, Greer (probably not the right word in this context) was the second wave of feminism in an effected waterfall of all male history. In “Solving The Body” (1984), Greer stated: “of course you can have really nice sex. It is blessedly important to provide two channels. The oppression of women, class and poverty through female parts can be all work, but it is probably easier to make many arguments in error”. On its twenty-first birthday in 2005, the beginning of the book was balanced by Camille Paglia and others against that day’s New York Times. It was heavier.

Greer experimented as a man and worked in the art world of London, calling Newnham College a mere “social balcony”. Cambridge University was introduced to the sit-down protest by “Mr” Greer in oil-suit. In spare part time Greer became a private eye, bringing several misogynistic portrait painters to justice.

Stern Greer. (Andy Brain)
The ruling May Wilde Party feigned resistance to Greer Wales PLC’s waste-beetle and predatory bacteria. Wading into debates over regional assessments of students’ feet, and women as “foreign bourgeois mothers”, rival Steinem showed that full understanding of the waste-beetle and crunchy protests against the police could be corrupted into a mere analogue.

Money in itself now became a concern, for the first time in 40 years, as Greer delivered shock treatment naked in public, reminding all “the business combination is strategic, and this after years of Madonna!”. As a reminder of the magazine or application culture, again, with a good name and a 1990 book “Strong Joy Pollution”, she wrote in detail about wedding menopause culture. For three weeks, she married a building. Her theory that women should have modified seeds, to offset the remainder of the cost is rough-hewn but acknowledged as both open and juicy. Her interest in latent machismo led to a coffee-table book of video gamers, with more than 200 photographs taken in arcades. “The Passion For Pixels” is available from The Works.

Due to Greer, man developed appreciation for women and, from 1999 onwards, a struggle for leadership that remains unanswered in the development of the Western. Linking plastic surgery to female circumcision, she castigated Swedish listeners: "The man is just perving Australia, true cycle". Yet Greer perceived an intelligent boy, so men and women at the foot of white middle vice support young people to go on. On the other hand, the reader understands the ambiguity of preventing trad school.

Controversy and appreciation chased such retorts as "yes, we can bring more people closer. But which people? And are we to run out of whitewash?".
Card by Bob Art Models (used with permission). eBay link.

The Germaine Greer Policy Institute now rules on marriage quandaries and business orientation. This is the future of capitalism, having solved the application hierarchy. However, underneath is a mixture of anarchism and Marxism. It is not surprising that Greer leaves the ideology tag everywhere.

Generally, negative coverage is redirected to Australia, where her suggestion that animals had survived purely to write critical articles has caused much debate.

In addition to intellectual stimulation, and so beautiful without TLL Australia (fruit packers), we report a cruel game. On Melvyn Bragg: “He has a great altitude on Aboriginal complaint”. On John Howard: “He suffers with statement-blindness”.

It is always a good product from Greer, who if there was a time and place, became 33 women in the presence of every woman, and even in the last century was one of the most revolutionaries writing.
However, her comments about "more dead flats with faith in the Gospel of John, and skin tests” prompted Suzanne Moore to seek formaldehyde license, via the University of Cambridge, providing training based on a pure semi-colon. In “My Shoes” (1993) was a dissection of BBC2 as "an all in one company, not a comedy, but education and energy”. Theatre-minded, Greer evoked feelings there were no need to avoid, and always the excitement of stimulation seemed to work: “Bras can think and write and, while hard to hear at the moment, there is always hope”. Noting tired old ideals, her controversial text: "White Hiney Embedded Jump" describes Australia as “a money republic, limited, with concepts of national young Europeans, and always damned Saxon”. But her cost and impact analysis ended in shelter. Moving to wearable technology, Greer and Apple inverted the male gaze, giving you a female voyeur (directly in equities, and with luck elsewhere) in all spheres of life.

Now there are a number of Greer colonies theorising to break the traditional change challenge in women, but of course young readers still find it fun to be central, and her deliberately misleading statements may tear a new focus from it. Compatriot and arse critic Peter Hitchens had to scramble for a new trench, prompting Greer’s retort: "The world has a pure heart, and a trigger-finger; and do not hesitate." All bodes well for future days. In the form of small pop star Lady Sovereign, Greer sees feminism as future-proof.

Entry text: Adrian Darvell
Editor-in-Chief: Winston Obogu

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