Brought to you in all sanity, anthology zine Beware! is a home for free-thinking left-of-centre types. See it as an island of strident ludicrosity and stretched rationality amongst the tossed salad waves and battered cod portions of your common-or-garden internet.

Beware! started as a print zine, many years ago when the universe was less than half its present size. It is our eventual aim to bring you printed papers once again, in addition to regular online content and ancillary products (e.g. the Beware! Vision series of live albums, available from

Brought to you by:

Andy Brain (Capricorn): Songwriter/founder of Keshco since 1994.

Gareth Monger (Pisces): Former Keshco member; current Keshcological cartoonist.

Noted contributors include:

Andrew Walton (Aquarius): Staunch Scottish Socialist poet and activist. All-round good egg.

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