Saturday, 31 January 2015

Beware! The Zine's Comic Adaptation of H. G. Wells's The War Of The Worlds - One Random Page At A Time

Earthlings! A three-fingered salute we do offer you, and slightly-cooler-than-Earth's-mean-temperature thanks for checking in at Beware! The Zine. We doubt not that you're already filled with a thousand shades of happy at having got to know the cyber-entities Nase and Abel, the lifestyle guru Johnny Cocktail, the comedy circuit's uber-failures Bob and Bob (The Two Bobs), and defender of the Fenland Times review column (and time traveller), Kennedy Hiscox-Wormegay. So, having already made available offerings of such a sturdy nature, it is with multitudinous pleasure that I, envoy to the Martian High Council, do introduce a comic so lengthy... so ambitious... so UNFINISHABLE... that it really does deserve its full-length title every time somebody makes reference to it.

We at Beware! The Zine believe in quality. But believing in it doesn't mean we have to employ it in each and every one of our endeavours. And so, with that in mind, we are trying something new. The premise is simple. We will take one page, at random, from my 1973 Penguin copy of H. G. Wells's The War Of The Worlds, and convert it to comic format, with minimum of fuss. One day, we may even complete the task.

So, for your vision-based gratification, I give you page 47.

Arranged, pencilled and inked by Gareth Monger.

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