Saturday, 10 January 2015

Poetry Hallway - Falling Through The Night

Welcome to... actually can you turn the radiator down?

No, it's just rather... sweaty in here.

It's easier if you do it... just reach around and -

Yes with your hand, it's on the - can't you feel it?

Well have a care, don't - stand on the -

Oh look just leave it, alright?

No, it's fine, I'll take my top off.

There we are, that's better. That's quite nice actually. Fresh. Welcome to Poetry - yes I have washed my armpits! - Hallway. Today we have a molten chunk of mental moonrock to wreck your molars on. This one is by Andy from TV stars Keshco, and is about sleeper trains and birdman Felix Baumgartner. Yes, drafted late 2012. It's a series of haikus - well, just about.

Falling Through The Night by Andy Brain

Between states, stations
Night and day, sleep and sense
Plymouth and Saltash.

No sleep this dumb hour
No motion from this station
The night is stuck fast.

My fingers trace sky
Higher than clouds, down to tracks
Guess how far he fell.

The curve of the Earth
A leap of faith in Kevlar
The beat of a heart.

Sound barriers smash
Tinnitus wrenches my face
Limbs tingle and thrash

Down, down through the cloud
Burst duvets in the shower
Waiting for clean light.

To fall best, relax
Let gravity do the work
Don't think of Red Bull.

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