Sunday, 28 December 2014

Sporren and the Space-Bats - Archive - Old Issue 1

Whilst these Isles are buffeted by wind and rain and snow and hail and bile and spit and snot and sunshine and lollipops and rainbows, let's creep into the back garden and rescue for your delectation an archive strip of Sporren and the Space-Bats, dating from a mouldy old Beware! which originally surfaced in 2006. Yes it is early for Burns Night. Tuck in wi' relish.

Sporren & The Space Bats - Old #01 - written/illustrated by Andy Brain (Plug Child design by Gareth Monger)

Tomorrow, Nase and Abel, but coming very soon: Fearless guest poet Drew Walton lobs his inflammatory verse, Molotov-style, into the Poetry Hallway; and the Two Bobs wring out the Old Year and hang it over the banister.

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