Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas message from all Space-Bats

Space-Bat greeting hastily recorded by uncomprehending Earthling Andy Brain

Hawp ye a' hae a peaceful yule. Apairt fae they Tory bastards. Thay kin git a lump o' coal in thair puddin.

Me, ah will be tuckin' intae th' stoatin' lentil roast. An auld Space-Bat tradition. Thistle is a braw cook wi' th' lentils.

Enough o' this processional leid. Sporren oot. Tak' care o' yoursel's.

(Space-Bats flap a jaunty retreat amidst tooting of the horns and flexing of the snowdrifts, back into the Furry Caves for toasting of the carob cakes and floopy dancing.)

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