Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Poetry Hallway - Mary's Spot / Haiku

Come in and wipe your socks. Mind out for draughts - you're in the Poetry Hallway. Today we have an archival offering from the well-scrubbed Limpit Smike.

"I always knew poetry was within me, coming from somewhere deep, not even in my head but in my torso, and it's always a pleasure, when I have a spare hour, to flex the fingers and let fly with a good dozen or twenty pieces."

"Mary's spot is not a particularly lavish work like my Smoked Salmon series. I like to write about cheap things as well as the good stuff."

Thank you Limpit. Now a haiku (or something that's haiku length - where's the kigo?) from Andy. I think he's talking about a girl.
Tight pressed stressed tresses;
Perfect teeth; clear eyes test mine
I, lust's parody?

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