Thursday, 18 December 2014

Beware! the welcome

Greetings weary traveller, from all at Beware! Stick around and over the coming several, we'll be excited to bring you a growing anthology of comic offerings.

Some of the characters you're likely to encounter are:

Nase and Abel - the technological fumblings of a feline bit demon and his wired-up pal;

Johnny Cocktail - hard-bitten soft-centred lifestyle guru/private investigator, denizen of late-night cable TV and a hundred hotel rooms;

The Plug Child - you stole his electricity, and his first love;

The Two Bobs - they met under the influence of a truth drug, and now they roam the comedy circuit;

Sporren and the Space-Bats - it's all happening north of the galactic Border.


Left-wing poems; word art; one-off monstrosities.

So, knees clenched, fingers labile, and assume the squelch position.

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